Hi Folks, be prepared for the buzz around the Kardashian-Barker baby. The good news might be just around

Is Kourtney Kardashian's due date quickly approaching? That's something fans want to know right now

Fans of Blink-182 were shocked when the band unexpectedly called off their European tour owing to an "urgent family emergency."

Do you still recall how exciting it was when Kourtney Kardashian revealed she was expecting while Blink-182 performed?

Travis Barker's cryptic Instagram Stories only fuel the already smoldering interest.

People have been speculating like crazy about whether the kid is ready to be born or whether there is anything more sinister going on.

There is a tantalizing breadcrumb for those anxiously anticipating information on the potential arrival date of Kourtney Kardashian's child.

One week prior, Kourtney shared a photo of a lovely flower field with the message, "One month." Travis Barker posted many Instagram Stories

Travis Barone showing him just 15 hours earlier entering a prayer room at Glasgow Airport. Could this be a clue that 

Travis has come to Kourtney's aid at this challenging time for the family? The mystery deepens. Please check out the link below to know more