Lea Michele And Idina Menzel’s Relationship On “Glee” Wasn’t Great

Lea Michele and Idina Menzel’s relationship on “Glee” wasn’t “Great for the ego,” as the singer claims,

In the first season of the popular program Glee, Idina Menzel made her acting debut as Lea Michele’s mother. She now shared her true feelings about the part.

The coach of the competing show choir squad, Vocal Adrenaline, was portrayed by the Wicked legend as Shelby Corcoran. Later, fans discovered Shelby was also Rachel’s (Michele) biological mother. The romance puts the teenager in a difficult situation.

The mother-daughter team eventually found their groove after a shaky beginning. On the show, Shelby quickly won over the audience’s affection, and she kept appearing throughout time.

Lea Michele And Idina Menzel's Relationship

Idina said in a recent interview that the part was a little damaging to her ego. Idina praised her involvement with Glee in a Stellar magazine interview. She was just 15 years Lea’s senior, so playing her mother wasn’t the best sensation. Despite their striking similarities, she believed their union may have been altered.

“You know, you’re worried you’re not going to work again, and then people hire you to be someone’s mother when you probably should be their older sister,” she said via the New York Post. “It just wasn’t great for the ego. But I sucked it up and sucked myself into my clothes and was excited to work with [creator] Ryan Murphy and be a part of that hit show.”

Idina has already spoken candidly about the casting selection. Idina doubts being Lea’s mother, but they seem to get along.

In 2014, Idina commented on the other celebrity’s rendition of the mega-hit song from Frozen, “Let It Go.” After the piece was published, Lea expressed how important Idina’s thoughts were to her.


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